Henry Avignon

Henry Avignon is a conceptual Photographer, Photosculptor, and Poet with a primary interest in innovating new process approaches to traditional tools and materials in order to broaden his survey of nature’s talent for shaping lightness and darkness into infinite varieties of material and immaterial signatures of energy. In his works, color carries meaning; black – death, white – life force, red – emotional self, yellow – focus of mind, green – awkward distance between human and nature, and blue – spirit awareness, to name a few.

Henry Avignons works seek to capture the infinite possibility of the world.

Education: SUNY Brockport

1972 – Born in Tampa, Florida U.S.A. 1972.
1992 – Associates Degree in Photo Journalism SUNY Morrisville New York
1998 – Baccalaureate degree in Literature / Minor in Psychology SUNY Brockport New York
2011 – Masters of Art, Creative Writing, Poetry SUNY Brockport New York
Father of two children

Artist Statement

Every surface can reveal a visual interplay of images and language. My work is an aestheticized art of synthesis of sign, symbol, and other types emotive graphical mark responding to personal and worldly events. Each work is a unique context for situational reportage / clarification / witnessing.  Many works I refer to as “impropoganda(s)” born out of my documentia! —

-Henry Avignon


Select Exhibitions

Select Group Exhibitions
2013 New York, New York – Ceres Gallery
2013 Rochester, New York – Rochester Arts Council Gallery
2010 Philadelphia – USA James Oliver Gallery
2010 Rochester, New York – USA Memorial Art Gallery

Solo Exhibitions
2023 Rochester, New York – GEVA
2015 Rochester, New York – Sibley Building
2013 Rochester, New York – East Avenue Hotel
2013 Rochester, New York – Axom Gallery
2012 Rochester, New York – East Avenue Hotel
2012 Rochester, New York – Nikko Gallery
2011 Rochester, New York – Nikko Gallery
2011 Paris, France – Arcima Gallery

2009 USA April: Ydrasil Literature & Arts (Chapbook)
2009 USA June: Full Of Crow Literature & Arts (20 works)
2009 USA July: Red Bicycle Literature & Arts (20 works)
2009 India December: The Stark Electric Space Literature & Arts (3 works)
2010 USA July: Naugatuck River Review Literature & Arts (Cover)
2010 USA October: Metropolitan Magazine of Art’s & Culture (Cover + 5 works): Featured Artist: “Henry Avignon: A
New Voice”
2010 USA November: Experiment-o (International e-zine) Literature & Arts (6 works)
2010 USA December: Synchronized Chaos (International e-zine) Arts, Science, Culture (5 works)
2012 USA October: Red Bicycle Review (International e-zine) Arts, Culture (18 works)
2012 USA November: Fiction Week Literary Review (International e-zine) Cover
2013 USA May: Fiction Week Literary Review (International e-zine) Cover
2015 USA Honeysuckle Magazine, Artist Interview
2016 USA Narrow Fellow In The Grass Review, Featured Artist

Publications and Illustrations
2009 USA: James Heller Levinson: to illustrate his Hinge Theory dynamics as they pertain to the linking of visual media to written word for the With Mermaid series from the Pulitzer Prize nominated poetry collection “Smelling Mary.”
2009 Nepal: Yuyutsu R.D. Sharma: to illustrate the cover and 4 text segments (5 images) of his poetry collection “Space Cake Amsterdam.”
2009 India: Ashok Banker: to illustrate the cover of his controversial novel “God’s of War.”
2010 Scotland: Geoff Cooper: to illustrate the cover of his poetry collection “Songs The Lightning Sang”
2011 USA: Michael Main: 10+ images used for cover and incorporated as collaborative illustration for radical poetics “Quintet for the Apocalypse”
2011 South Africa, Short Fiction Anthology, Gary Cummisky – Editor: To illustrate the cover
2011 USA: “Triptychs: A ‘Nam Marine’s Now and Then” – Poetry Collection by Andy Syor: 12 images used as illustration
2012 Berlin, Germany: poster illustration for play “The Machine” by Julie Stearns based on the book “One Flew Over The Cookoo’s Nest: art selected from “Po(o)rtraits” series.
2012 Denmark: EriK Kock, Used as cover for “Klokkedybet,” a collection of short stories: art selected from “Po(o)rtraits” series.