Investing in Community

With broad usage, the term ‘community’, and what it stands for, can easily be overlooked in the hum of modern life.

Building a community is essential to the growth of any business, school, institution, town or city. Individuals thrive in these networks. We make connections with other people, and develop empathy and interests beyond our immediate sphere of influence. When a strong community faces adversity, it rises to the challenge and supports the individual contributor.

In the commercial world it’s easy to chase profit over people, and ignore the interconnectedness that makes community so powerful. We hear story after story of corporate greed and the plight of the small family business. Leaving us often wondering what the world will look like in the future.

Since 1989 International Art Acquisitions has had a front seat in its community, a great privilege to see Rochester New York continuing to grow and develop. Serving collectors, artists, institutions, businesses, and the public witnessing first-hand how small businesses create culture.

Culture creates the means of which makes life interesting and worthwhile. Galleries are on the forefront of a community’s arts culture, bringing in local and international artists, starting discussions with patrons and collectors, and adding value to the day-to-day experience.

If you want to help your community grow, invest your time and money into the business around you. Get lunch at an independent restaurant, attend a music event, buy furniture locally, and of course – buy art from a local gallery. I think we can all agree we’d rather our streets full of storefronts where business owners are pursuing their passion versus e-commerce warehouse deliveries filling our streets.

Shop local and help build your community.