Art Then and Now, Street Art and Cave Art

Comparing street art and cave art highlights the diversity of human creativity and expression across time and context. Both forms of art are important representations of a shared dialogue of ideas and human experiences.

Lascaux Cave Drawing

Street art and cave art may seem worlds apart, but they have more in common than one might think. Both street art and cave art employ symbols identifying self description, and storied elements of activity. The circumstances illustrated, mark time and place, shaping their path forward. 

Cave art, also known as prehistoric art, was created in dark and confined spaces, often deep inside caves, and was used to depict significant parts of the life experience at the time; animals, handprints, and other abstract symbols. These works were created using simple tools and materials such as charcoal and pigments made from minerals and rocks. Cave art provides valuable insights into the beliefs, culture, and way of life of early civilization and is considered some of the earliest forms of expression.

Street art, on the other hand, is a relatively recent form of expression that has emerged over the past few decades. It is created in public spaces, often on buildings and walls, and is intended to be seen by a wider audience. Street artists use a variety of materials, including spray paint, markers, and stickers, to create their works. Street art is often politically charged, and artists use it to comment on social and political issues. Street art is also seen as a form of resistance against the commercialization of public spaces and a way for artists to reclaim public spaces for artistic expression.


Both serve as a means of messaging ideas. While cave art provides valuable insights into early human culture and beliefs, street art continues to challenge social and political norms and provides a platform for artistic expression in public spaces. Both are important, and are worth exploring for art buyers who are interested in the diversity of human creativity.

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