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Art investment is essential to the value of your financial portfolio, contributing to healthy diversification outside of conventional stocks and commodities as it does not closely mirror the fluctuations of the financial markets. Art is an asset class that has been thriving for decades. According to the 2021 research of Art Basel and UBS Global, the global art market is worth roughly $50 Billion. Art, like other hard assets is a prized opportunity for investment. Between 1985 and 2020 research done by Masterworks investment professionals, shows a broad market annualized return of 8.3%, with a focused 23.2% appreciation on Post-War and Contemporary Art. The Secondary Art market continues to grow as a favorable opportunity with about 70% of art buyers purchasing art with investment in mind according to Deloitte’s Art and Finance Report of 2021. The financialization of the Secondary Art Market coupled with the globalization of trade, increased transparency, regulation, and professionalism mean that now is an opportune time to begin or increase investment in Art.

Working with an established Art Advisor gives investors access to a market which can often feel very opaque compared to other markets as it’s spread across galleries, auction houses, and new investment platforms. There are a range of exciting opportunities to buy in; Blue-Chip, mid-range, and emerging artists across a variety of sought-after art movements like contemporary, modern, and impressionist.

Investment clients benefit from the objective lens of an art professionals’ advice. The market is driven by several factors and trends that need to be taken into account when investing, often future gains and losses cannot be determined by past performance. There are historical periods, numerous artists, and levels of taste trends that fluctuate based on seemingly intangible factors. Art Investment is a long-term endeavor, that like all investment, is not without risk, which underlines the value of working with an experienced Art Advisor. Barbara Nino, who founded International Art Acquisitions, Inc., in 1989 has been providing Art Advisory collection development and Art Wealth Management services to experienced and new investors for many years. Brokering successful sales and acquisitions of artworks from Picasso, Warhol, Frankenthaler, Renoir and emerging artist to name a few.

International Art Acquisitions provides data reporting, graphed spread sheets and comparables of like examples for the selected investment work. In addition to insurance and fair market value appraisals.

If you are interested in diversifying assets by investing in Art, please send us a message using the form below. We look forward to discussing appropriate investment strategies at any level of investing.

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For many, collecting art begins with a sense of passion and appreciating art for art’s sake. Building a collection is a lifelong, and often generational endeavor that contributes to enriching your legacy.

Collecting with intent is about controlled purposeful buying. Barbara Nino, President of International Art Acquisitions works diligently to research, evaluate, and present artworks to facilitate a plan for multiple acquisitions over time. Considerations for a work’s quality, uniqueness, and historical importance are weighed alongside the recognition of work that is an example of the Artist’s mature style. Also acknowledged are emerging artists and current art trends.

Building a relationship with an art advisor allows for a greater exposure to the arts, opening up representation at auctions, education of the current art market, and the opportunity to consider works through private sale.

With longevity in mind, we also provide insurance valuation, and supporting collection documentation, that may later prove to be valuable as your collection is gifted, passed by descent or de-accessioned.
If you are interested in adding to or beginning your art collection, please use the form below. We look forward to discussing appropriate collecting strategies at any level.


Selling your artwork occurs for a variety of reasons; inheritance, de-accession of a current collection, investment gain, or lifestyle changes. International Art Acquisitions has the resources and network to represent your fine art to a qualified audience.

With decades of experience in the art market, we evaluate a range of market variables that influence art sales. Once meeting artwork criteria, fair market values are determined and a strategic path forward discussed for representation.

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