Insights into the World of Art

Active in the art community for over 30 years, International Art Acquisitions offers valuable insights into the World of Art. Engaging in the continued development of Artists and the Enterprise of Art is at the core of our everyday life.

Galleries serve as an invaluable resource for new and experienced collectors and provide a platform of professional representation for artists. Barbara Nino, President of International Art Acquisitions, works diligently to research, evaluate, and present a collection that considers a work’s quality, uniqueness, and historical importance. This work has created a collection of gravitas and visual delight while building rich insight into the world of Art and the trends that often drive purchasing.

The following posts comprise our insights into current art world topics. We invite you to read along as we explore the value of Art and its place in the world. Answering questions like; What is the purpose of an Art Gallery? What benefits do Galleries grant artists and buyers? And insight into the world of Art Collecting in general.

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Arts Community

Traces of a Changing Sky

The blankets of haze that have settled over the Northeastern United States this year have had both an air of apocalyptic doom, as well as the poetic beauty of filtered light, hearkening to our love of artists who capturing delicate light.

The Creative Prompt

There is much to explore in the intersection of creativity and artificial intelligence, comparing AI art with Human art is a great place to start.
Damien Hirst at Newport Street Gallery for the grande finale of The Currency. Photo by Naomi Rea.

Exploring NFTs in Damien Hirst Fashion

If you bought a digital copy of a painting, would you trade it in for the real thing? That’s what Damien Hirst asked his NFT collectors Damien Hirst released 10,000 NFT’s to the market last year, each one corresponding to a physical work of art. Hirst gave these collectors a one-year window to enjoy their…

Auction Insights and Art Investment Insights

“What a Night”

Jussi Pylkkännen declares “what a night for Christie’s and what night for the art market!”

Landau’s Landmark Collection Heads to Auction

Sotheby’s recently won the bid to present the astounding collection of American Art Collector Emily Fisher Landau who recently passed away at the age of 102. She is revered as an icon for her patronage of the arts and the gift her collection is to coming generations.

Spring 2023 Auctions

Across the auction houses the effects of inflation, low inventory, and world changes were felt. Collectors continue to pay top dollar for high performing artists, but the overall temperature has cooled on speculative buying. With master works being rare as they migrate to museums and collectors who plan to hold for many years, there were…

Art News 2022: A Review

In 2022 the art world reflected the challenges and joys of contemporary society in a world recovery from the massive upsets of global events. Art Lovers, Collectors, and Artists raced back to the galleries, fairs, and auction houses, driving record sales and exhibition attendance numbers. The world’s top art festivals, including the Venice Biennale, Art…

Gallery Updates and Insights

International Art Acquisition At the 2022 Armory Show

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International Art Acquisitions visited the 2022 Armory Show in NYC. For the first time in years, these events took place much like they would have before 2020, a much welcomed opportunity to view art in-person once again. The 247 exhibitors are split between six sections, including ones for solo artist presentations, nonprofit organizations, and emerging…

Exhibition Draws Curiosity and Wonder

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Josephine Cardin is a fine art photographer who focuses on contemporary figurative work inspired by music, dance, and the human themes of loneliness, isolation, melancholy, love and loss. Cardin works primarily with self-portraiture to illustrate scenes that bewitch, seduce, and explore our human sensibilities. International Art Acquisitions is currently presenting a collection from the artist’s…

May Collection Highlights

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Paintings along the Shoreline, Artwork Selections from the Gallery. In addition to Collection Management and Art Investment Services, International Art Acquisitions also has a gallery full of original artworks. This May we’re highlighting a handful of these artworks based on the theme “Paintings along the Shoreline.” These original artworks are available for sale, just send…
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Defining The Art Gallery

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What is an Art Gallery? In the digital age, finding quality art is increasingly difficult for the discerning art collector. The Art Museum as an organization is easy to understand, a grand structure dedicated to the public, and the preservation of cultural items and history is its most straightforward mission. The Art Gallery as an…