Kathleen Kinkopf

Kathleen is a visual storyteller, continually moved and inspired by the magic of nature and the human spirit.

1956 Alliance, Ohio

Miami University – Bachelor of Fine Arts with Dual concentration in Advertising/Graphic Arts and Studio (Painting) Fine Arts Minor in marketing; Oxford, Ohio 1978

13 Years, Graphic Designer/Art Director, Dallas, Texas

Artist Statement

I grew up in a sleepy, midwest town where being outdoors was the way of life for every kid. Entertainment included catching fireflies at dusk, scampering up trees (that granted both views and bloodied knees), and playing outside until the horizon gulped the last morsel of light. As a teen, a particular horse stole my heart and never gave it back. We became one spirit, forging rocky streams, sailing on endless oceans of wildflowers, and sharing the moon together in silence. This early bond with nature continues to be a powerful influence in my work.

My paintings have been described as ‘Magical Realism’. Although deeply rooted in the real world, the use of juxtaposition, symbolism, and mythology shape visual stories that blur the lines between fantasy and reality.

Living Fabric Series Highlight

Loving and learning to paint draped and folded fabric led me understand the properties of light and shadow on forms and to tune into the ever so slight variations of hues, values and color. 

That same piece of cloth can lie around all day doing nothing but then take on so many new characteristics and life as the light changes length, temperature or direction. Then you can go over and ruffle it, toss it in the air or tie it in a knot and have a whole new subject matter to study and paint.  As a fledgling artist, it was a great discipline and a simple book mark to return to upon occasion, and helped me to appreciate and understand my development.

Analytical study of the Baroque period masters (Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Vermeer) has influenced my work and led to an understanding of more complex and powerful imagery to come; like the horse and the human figure.

Horse Series Highlight

Life sometimes takes you full circle—-most of the time without even asking. 

If I can say I have ever been driven to paint something out of pure inspiration, it is this series. I grew up with these creatures, feeding, grooming, riding and showing them.  Amazingly, after all these years, the impact of the intimate relationship with my horse is deep within me and quietly still a large part of me.  My early life in the company of horses enhances my understanding of their literal physique and movement as well as their psyche.  The impression of their incredible mass, sensuous grace, and spirit, spoken with endearing eyes and soft voices, is unforgettable. Now, devoting time to them in my work, pays homage to them, and is a visual and sensory expression of my rekindled love and continued respect for them.


Select Exhibitions

Solo exhibition; Dinner for Two; Santa Fe, NM

ArtSmart Invitational: Canyon Road Galleries Exhibitions & Fundraising Event; Santa Fe, NM

100 Artist’s Studio of the Southwest by Ashely Runne, Schiffer Publishing, LTD

100 Artists of the Southwest by Ashely Runne, Schiffer Publishing, LTD
Spotlight on Art; A Selection of Artists in New Mexico; Annual Art Issue,
The SantaFean Magazine, June/July

Albuquerque Museum, ‘Miniatures & More’, Oct. 2012; Group Invitational Exhibition
“Painted Violins” Project & Fundraiser; 2012; Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra

Park Fine Art – 3rd Annual International Tour-Albuquerque, NM; Yu-Shin Museum of Art,
Harbin, China; and Mujuanseong CC, Seoul, Korea (08-11)
New Mexico Cancer Center Spring Invitational and Group Exhibition, Albuquerque

Boston International Fine Art Show, Boston, Mass.
“Ex-Arte Equinas-3″(The Art Horse Magazine)-juried International Art Competition, 2 images accepted–Editor’s Choice award and second image, Annual Award Book Publication
“Going to the Dogs, Group Exhibition Fundraiser(ASPCA), Alan Avery Fine Art, Atlanta
State of New Mexico; purchase of 2 horse paintings. “Morning Mist”, Central New Mexico Community College and “Selesian Tree”, NM Border Authority, Santa Teresa

2-person “Introductions” Exhibition, The Edge. August,
Grand Prix de Santa Fe 6th Annual Charity Event, The Edge Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, June
3-Person Exhibition, “Introducing….”, Lanning Gallery, Sedona, AZ, May 1

Small Format Group Show, Evergreen Fine Art, Colorado; December
Gallery Group Trade Exhibition, Joyce Robins Gallery, Dallas Texas, November
2-Person Exhibition, “Momentum In Quiet Spaces”, Friesen Gallery (Sun Valley, ID), March
Invitational Group Show, “About Face”, Trinity Gallery, Atlanta, GA, February

“Deck The Stalls” Fundraiser to benefit New Mexico Horse Rescue, December
Small Format Group Show, Evergreen Fine Art, November
Solo Exhibition, “Tangents and Explorations”, Joyce Robins Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, September
2-Person Feature Exhibition, “Step Into Spring”, Evergreen Fine Art, April

Solo Exhibition, “Emergence Into Light”, Mary Martin Fine Art, Charleston, SC, November
Group Show, “A Tribute to 10”, Joyce Robins Gallery, October
Group Invitational Fundraiser, “Painted Violins”, to benefit The SF Symphony Orchestra, April

Solo exhibition, “Peripheral Dialogues” The Joyce Robins Gallery,Santa Fe, NM, October
Group show, “At Home in the Sun” Joyce Robins Gallery, February

Group exhibition/New Artist Feature, Trinity Gallery, Atlanta, GA, May

The Albuquerque Museum Sponsored by The New Mexico Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Albuquerque, NM
Juried Invitational Exhibition “Originals: Traces of the Journey” April-July
Solo Exhibition, “Terra Comunicado”, Joyce Robins Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, July 18
Group Show, Evergreen Fine Art, Evergreen, CO, May 3 / Oct 3
Group Show, Palette, Joyce Robins Gallery, February

Solo Exhibition,”Allegories and Illusions”, Joyce Robins Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, October
Group Show, Evergreen Fine Art, Evergreen, CO, October
Solo Exhibition, “Modern Mythology”, The Mackey Gallery, Houston, TX, May
Selected Women Artists Group Show, Evergreen Fine Art, Evergreen, CO, May

Small Works Group Show, Joyce Robins Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, December
Solo Exhibition, “Inside-Out”, Joyce Robins Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, October
Group Show, American Women in the Arts Invitational, Nedra Mettucci Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, October
Public Art Installation/Fundraiser, The Trail of Painted Ponies, Santa Fe, NM, September
Group Show, The Mackey Gallery, Houston, TX, April
Group Show, “Show With a Heart”, Joyce Robins Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, February

Small Works Group Show, Joyce Robins Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, December
Solo Exhibition, Oct, “DDouble VVision” The Boyd Gallery, Dallas, TX, September
Two person Exhibition, Evergreen Fine Art, Evergreen, CO, July

Group show, Evergreen Fine Art, Evergreen, CO, July
Group Show,”A Show With A Heart”, Joyce Robins Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, February
Two Person Exhibition, MacLaren-Markowitz Gallery, Boulder, CO

Group Show, “101 Cups” Karan Ruhlen Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
Group Show, Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser, MacLaren-Markowitz Gallery, Boulder, CO

1992-96 Various Group and Solo Exhibitions, Owner/Director, Kinkfopf Gallery Breckenridge, CO

Solo Exhibition, Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas, TX, September
Dallas Society of Illustrators Invitational Exhibition, June
Pastel Society of the Southwest Invitational Group Show, Dallas, TX, May